Column End Plugs

  • Seal analytical columns
  • One size fits all
  • Fingertight, with wrench flats as well

Fingertight column end plugs fit all columns with 10-32 threads. Easy handling is guaranteed by an additional 5/16" wrench flat, which allows the plug to be loosened by a wrench if it gets stuck. The long design and threading down to the ferrule ensure safe closing of valuable columns.

For small columns with 6-40 threads, fingertight (no wrench flat) plugs are available.

column end plugs
column end plugs
Threads Qty/pkg Color Product No.
10-32 10 White JR-4071-10
Black JR-4072-10
Red JR-4073-10
Green JR-4074-10
Blue JR-4075-10
6-40 1 Natural POM JR-4061


  • Tolerances:
    ±0.05 mm (.002")
Threads Material
10-32 Nylon
6-40 POM