In-line Filter Cartridges - Low Pressure

In-line filter cartridges
  • Easy to replace
  • Compact design
  • Fit all 1/4-28 fitting details
  • Three porosity options

These convenient-to-use filters can be simply dropped into any 1/4-28 fitting detail, such as in a union. The filters are constructed of PTFE and PCTFE, with a Type 316 stainless low-pressure-drop screen. The inner design of the cartridge ensures the equal distribution of the solvent to the screen.

Pore size Maximum flow rate * Qty/pkg Product No.
2 µm 30 ml/min 5 JR-CFE-S2-5
10 µm 30 ml/min 5 JR-CFE-S10-5
75 µm 30 ml/min 5 JR-CFE-S75-5

* Flowrate measured with methanol/water (1:1), ultrasonic degassed, helium sparging to prevent regassing.


  • Materials:
    Cartridge PTFE/PCTFE
    Filter screen 316 stainless
  • For all 1/4-28 fitting details
  • Dimensions:
    OD 5.20 mm
    Thickness 2.03 mm
    Bore 0.8 mm
    Filter surface
    2 mm
  • Tolerances
    ±0.05 mm (.002")


We recommend using these filter cartridges in combination with our low pressure fittings: