Last Drop Mobile Phase Filters - Low Pressure

mobile phase filter
  • No loss of mobile phase
  • Stainless steel or biocompatible PTFE or PE frits
  • Three porosity options
  • Two connector types: stepped tubing and 1/4-28 fitting

The Last Drop mobile phase filter allows more analyses per batch of mobile phase and helps reduce hazardous waste. The flat filter element sits parallel to the bottom of the reservoir, allowing the Last Drop to filter all but the last 2% of the mobile phase from the reservoir without drawing air into the system. Compare this with conventional cylindrical filters that can begin to draw air into the system when nearly 10% of the solvent remains in the reservoir.

Last Drop filters

The Last Drop mobile phase filter consists of a 316 stainless, PTFE, or hydrophobic PE filter element pressed into an inert PTFE housing. The top of the housing has a 1/4-28 nut and ferrule or a stepped PEEK fitting connector which slips into 1.5, 2.2, or 3.5 mm ID pump inlet lines.

Pore size Maximum
flow rate *
Product No.
Stepped tubing
PTFE 2.5 µm 1.2 ml/min JR-9000-0520
5 µm 2.6 ml/min JR-9000-0521
10 µm 3.5 ml/min JR-9000-0522
Polyethylene 10 µm 11 ml/min JR-9000-0522H
Stainless 2 µm 28 ml/min JR-9000-0530
5 µm 30 ml/min JR-9000-0531
10 µm 30 ml/min JR-9000-0532
PTFE 2.5 µm 1.2 ml/min JR-9000-0520F
5 µm 2.6 ml/min JR-9000-0521F
10 µm 3.5 ml/min JR-9000-0522F
Polyethylene 10 µm 11 ml/min JR-9000-0522HF
Stainless 2 µm 28 ml/min JR-9000-0530F
5 µm 30 ml/min JR-9000-0531F
10 µm 30 ml/min JR-9000-0532F

* Flowrate measured with methanol/water (1:1), ultrasonic degassed, helium sparging to prevent regassing.


  • Materials:
    Body PTFE
    Frits PTFE
    Type 316 SS
  • Stepped tubing version is for 1.5, 2.2, and 3.5 mm ID tubing
  • Fitting version (for 1/8" OD tubing) includes PEEK 1/4-28 nut with ETFE ferrule



  • We recommend metal-free PTFE filters for sensitive biochromatography applications where metal surfaces may corrode or interact with samples.