Mobile Phase Filters

Economy Last Drop mobile phase filter

mobile phase filter

Very competitively priced, the PTFE filter body comes in two sizes for various bottle neck dimensions. Frits are PTFE or stainless.

Last Drop mobile phase filter

mobile phase filter

The Last Drop's flat filter element sits parallel to the bottom of the reservoir, allowing the Last Drop to filter all but the last 2% of the mobile phase from the reservoir without drawing air into the system.

Last Drop biocompatible glass mobile phase filter

biocompatible mobile phase filter

Because it has ceramic or glass frits, this glass filter's flowrate can be much higher than PTFE mobile phase filters.

No-Met biocompatible mobile phase filters

No-Met non-metal filter

The No-Met polyethylene filter with inert polymeric fittings is designed for applications in which stainless steel is not acceptable in the flowpath, such as those which involve the separation of biomolecules.