360 µm Fittings for Fused Silica Tubing, ≥ 10,000 psi

These fittings are constructed of HPLC grade stainless steel, with stainless steel nut and a special ferrule which is precision machined from electroformed nickel. For optimal sealing characteristics, the ferrule is gold plated.

Description Bore Product No.
Nut/ferrule 360 micron nut-ferrule for FS JR-C360NFFS
Cap 360 micron cap for FS JR-C360CFS
Union 360 micron union for FS 50 micron JR-C360UFS2
100 micron JR-C360UFS4
150 micron JR-C360UFS6
Reducing union,
1/32" to 360 µm
360 micron reducing union for FS 50 micron JR-C360RU.5FS2
100 micron JR-C360RU.5FS4
150 micron JR-C360RU.5FS6
Reducing union,
1/16" to 360 µm
360 micron reducing union for FS 150 micron JR-C360RU1FS6


  • For 360 µm FS tubing
  • Material:
    Body HPLC grade SS
    Nut HPLC grade SS
    Ferrule Gold-plated SS
  • Pressure rating:
    ≥689.5 bar (10,000 psi)
    (Varies with tubing material and ID)



  • Grooves on the fitting body indicate the bore size (PEEK union shown):
360 fittings ID