360 µm Fittings for PEEK or Fused Silica Tubing, < 10,000 psi

These fittings are constructed from premium grade natural PEEK material. They are intended for use with PEEK or fused silica tubing at pressures up to 10,000 psi, or the maximum pressure for which the tubing is rated, whichever is lower. Quick-mount versions have an integral base with double-stick tape to secure fittings to a surface.

Description Bore Product No.
Nut/ferrule 360 micron nut-ferrule JR-C360NFPK
Cap 360 micron cap JR-C360CPK
Plug 360 micron plug JR-C360PPK
Union, quick mount 360 micron union, quick mount 50 micron JR-C360QUPK2
100 micron JR-C36Q0UPK4
150 micron JR-C360QUPK6
Union 360 micron union 50 micron JR-C360UPK2
100 micron JR-C360UPK4
150 micron JR-C360UPK6
Reducing union,
1/16" to 360 µm
360 micron reducing union 100 micron JR-C360RU1PK6
quick mount
360 micron tee 50 micron JR-C360QTPK2
100 micron JR-C36Q0TPK4
150 micron JR-C360QTPK6
quick mount
360 micron cross, quick mount 50 micron JR-C360QXPK2
100 micron JR-C36Q0XPK4
150 micron JR-C360QXPK6
Tightening tool 360 micron tightening tool JR-C360ET


  • For 360 µm PEEK or FS tubing
  • Material: PEEK
  • Pressure rating:
    <689.5 bar (10,000 psi)
    (Varies with tubing material and ID)



  • Grooves on the fitting body indicate the bore size:
360 fittings ID