Color-It Fingertight Adapters

Color-It fingertight adapters
  • Fit all hex-head PEEK and SS fittings for 1/16" tubing, low and high pressure
    (Nut not included)
  • Available in six colors for easy solvent line identification

Color-It snap-on fingertight adapters are used with for our 1/4" PEEK and stainless hex-head nuts, converting them into color-coded fingertight fittings in an instant. Available in six colors.

Color-It fingertight adapters
Color Qty/pkg Product No.
Blue 5 JR-55010-5
Yellow 5 JR-55011-5
Green 5 JR-55012-5
Black 5 JR-55013-5
White 5 JR-55014-5
Red 5 JR-55015-5
Assorted 2 each JR-55016-12


  • For 1/4" hex-head nuts
  • Material: Polypropylene


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