Color-Sleeve Fingertight Adapters

Color-Sleeve fingertight adapters
  • Designed for our PPS fittings for 1/16" tubing, low and high pressure
    (Nut not included)
  • Available in twelve colors for easy solvent line identification

This adapter is useful for color coding different solvent lines, and turns VICI Jour PPS nuts into fingertight fittings in an instant.

Color-Sleeve fingertight adapters
Color Qty/pkg Product No.
Natural natural Color Sleeve 5 JR-55080-5
10 JR-55080-10
White white Color Sleeve 5 JR-55081-5
10 JR-55081-10
Dark grey grey Color Sleeve 5 JR-55082-5
10 JR-55082-10
Black black Color Sleeve 5 JR-55083-5
10 JR-55083-10
Lavender lavender Color Sleeve 5 JR-55084-5
10 JR-55084-10
Red red Color Sleeve 5 JR-55085-5
10 JR-55085-10
Yellow yellow Color Sleeve 5 JR-55086-5
10 JR-55086-10
Orange orange Color Sleeve 5 JR-55087-5
10 JR-55087-10
Brown brown Color Sleeve 5 JR-55088-5
10 JR-55088-10
Green green Color Sleeve 5 JR-55089-5
10 JR-55089-10
Blue blue Color Sleeve 5 JR-55090-5
10 JR-55090-10
Purple purple Color Sleeve 5 JR-55091-5
10 JR-55091-10
Assorted All 12 colors 2 each JR-5508X-24
Blue, red, green,
yellow, black, white
2 each JR-5508X-12


  • For 1/4" hex-head nuts
  • Material: Polypropylene


Color-It adapters