High pressure polymeric fittings

high pressure polymeric fittings

High pressure polymeric fittings are useful in applications involving proteins, peptides, and other samples of biological origin where metal systems may interact with samples.

High pressure stainless fittings

high pressure stainless fittings

Our stainless steel fittings are typically compression fittings, in which a ferrule is compressed onto the tube as a nut is tightened. They offer the best reliability in high pressure situations.

Nanovolume™ HPLC fittings

nanovolume HPLC fittings

With bore sizes of 100 and 150 microns, (.004" -.006"), the minimal transfer volume contributed by Nanovolume™ components makes them especially beneficial in applications with flow rates in the µl/min range, when the transfer volume can be critical.

Low pressure fittings

low pressure fittings

Low pressure fittings are ideally suited for flow injection analysis, low pressure liquid chromatography, and stream sampling devices. They may be safely used at pressures up to 500 psi and temperatures to 50°C.