One-Piece Fittings

PPS hex-head fittings

PPS one piece fittings

This economically priced alternative to PEEK has excellent chemical resistance, and becomes fingertight with the Color-Sleeve adapter.

PEEK fingertight fittings

color-coded PEEK one-piece fingertight fittings

Molded fittings with 10-32 threads are rated to 5000 psi (350 bar). Six colors facilitate tube identification.

natural PEEK one-piece fingertight fittings

Machined fittings in several lengths and styles.

Black PEEK one-piece fingertight UHPLC fittings

Fingertight up to 7250 psi (500 bar)

PVDF fingertight fittings

PVDF one piece fingertight fitting

Our new PVDF fittings are chemically inert, and suitable for medium pressure applications. They will not constrict soft polymeric tubing as PEEK fingertight fittings sometimes do..

PEEK hex-head fittings

natural PEEK hex-head fittings

Up to 5,000 psi

Available in short and long versions. Make them finger-tight with Color-It adapters.

Natural HT one-piece hex fittings

Over 5,000 psi
Machined from a special PEEK material to reach a higher pressure rating.

No-Twist "one-piece" fittings

No-Twist one-piece fittings

The No-Twist design has a separate ferrule that snaps into the nut, so it's attached but still free to rotate to keep the tube from twisting during tightening.