Nut, Ferrule, and Bushing for 1/4-28 Connections

PEEK ferrules
  • High pressure rating - up to 480 bar (7000 psi) with 1/16" tubing
  • Available for 1/16" and 1/32" tubing

This combination of PPS nut, PEEK ferrule, and stainless steel bushing allows a high pressure connection in a 1/4-28 flat-bottomed fitting detail.

Description Tubing OD Qty/pkg Product No.
PPS hex-head nut 1/32" or 1/16" PPS nut 10 JR-55050-10
Bushing and ferrule 1/32" 1/4-28 ferrule for 1/32-inch tubing 10 JR-FPKBSS.5-10
1/16" 1/4-28 ferrule for 1/16-inch tubing 10 JR-FPKBSS1-10


  • For 1/32" and 1/16" OD tubing
  • Material
     Nut: PPS
     Ferrule: PEEK
     Bushing: Stainless
  • Pressure rating (varies with tubing material and ID)
    OD Bar Psi
    1/32" 175 2500
    1/16" 480 7000




To make up the fitting, first place the nut on the tubing, followed by the bushing and then the ferrule, as shown in the photo.