Liners for 1/32" Connectors

Use these natural PEEK liners to adapt 1/32" connectors to the most common sizes of fused silica tubing.

The 27 mm liners are for internal nuts with collapsible ferrules (JR-C-NNFFPK or JR-C-NNFLFPK). The 10 mm liners are for use with external nuts (JR-C-EN.5FPKB).

Description FS tubing OD Product No.
27 mm liners
27 mm liner
125-175 µm JR-C-NL.15L-5
175-225 µm JR-C-NL.20L-5
225-275 µm JR-C-NL.25L-5
275-325 µm JR-C-NL.30L-5
325-375 µm JR-C-NL.35L-5
10 mm liners
10 mm liner
125-175 µm JR-C-NL.15S-5
175-225 µm JR-C-NL.20S-5
225-275 µm JR-C-NL.25S-5
275-325 µm JR-C-NL.30S-5
325-375 µm JR-C-NL.35S-5