PEEK Mixing Tees

low pressure mixing tee
  • For 1/16" or 1/8" OD tubing
  • Completely inert and biocompatible
  • Mountable

A unique mixing results from the the turbulence created by the introduction angle of the solvents. The mixing is much more thorough than with a conventional tee.

Typically our inverted ferrules are used in these fittings, but the 1/4-28 flat-bottomed details will also accept collapsible ferrule or flanged fittings.

These are available as the body only, or complete with fittings.

A mixing tee with fittings includes:

  • 3 PPS flangeless hex-head nuts
  • 3 ETFE inverted ferrules
  • 3 Color-Sleeve adapters

PEEK tees

Tubing OD Description Bore (mm) Product No.
1/16" Complete with fittings 0.75 JR-CM1XPK
Body only 0.75 JR-B-CM1XPK
1/8" Complete with fittings 1.50 JR-CM2XPK
Body only 1.50 JR-B-CM2XPK

Spare parts

Description Tubing OD Qty/pkg Product No.
PPS flangeless nuts 1/16" 10 JR-55070-10
1/8" 10 JR-55071-10
Inverted ETFE ferrules 1/16" 10 JR-041-10
1/8" 10 JR-051-10


  • For 1/16" and 1/8" OD tubing, flangeless connections
  • Materials:
    Body PEEK
    Nuts PPS
    Ferrules ETFE
  • 1/4-28 threads
  • Pressure rating (varies with tubing material and ID)
    OD Bar Psi
    1/16" 105 1500
    1/8" 35 500