Nuts, Ferrules, and Washers for 1/4-28 Fitting Details

VICI Jour offers two types of low pressure fittings for 1/4-28 flat-bottomed fitting details:

Flangeless connections utilize several ferrule designs. The ferrule grips the tubing as the fitting is tightened, without significantly reducing the tubing ID.

Flanged tube end fittings are retained on polymeric tubing by a flange formed around a polypropylene washer. The washer never comes in contact with the mobile phase.

For flanged or flangeless connections

PPS hex-head nuts for flangeless or flanged 1/4-28 connections

An economically-priced alternative to PEEK, this series of PPS 1/4-28 nuts offers three low pressure sealing options: patented collapsible ferrule, inverted ferrule, or flanged with washer.

pps hex-head nuts

A PPS nut may also be used with a PEEK ferrule and SS bushing for high pressure applications.

For flangeless connections

PEEK nuts for flangeless 1/4-28 connections

peek flangeless nuts

PEEK flangeless nuts, in combination with our inverted ferrules, do not require a flanging tool.

Color-coded polyacetal nuts for flangeless 1/4-28 connections

acetal flangeless nuts

These economical alternatives to PEEK flangeless nuts also do not require a flanging tool when used with our inverted ferrules, and add the convenience of color coding.

For flanged connections

Color-coded polypropylene nuts for flanged 1/4-28 connections

polypropylene flanged nuts

For those systems requiring or preferring flanged connections, use these fiberglass-reinforced fittings with our Easy-Flange flanging tool and polypropylene washers to make a clean connection.