Fittings for 1/32" Tubing

1/32-inch fittings
  • 100 and 150 µm bores available
  • Nuts, ferrules, and unions
  • For PEEK tubing

VICI Nanovolume™ fittings are designed for capillary LC, used in HTS techniques, proteomics, genomics, and other newer developments in industrial research requiring small sample size for reduction of analysis time.

VICI Nanovolume™ connectors include our one-piece fingertight fittings for 1/32" OD tubing, featuring our patented collapsible ferrule. PEEK ferrules for use with our external nuts also feature the collapsible, grooved design.

To avoid potential confusion, all fittings utilizing the Cheminert collapsible ferrule are made of black PEEK; fittings with a standard Valco ZDV fitting are natural PEEK.

Unions and reducing union

Description* Bore Product No.
1/32" Union
  (external to internal)
nanovolume union 100 µm JR-C-NEU.5XFPK
150 µm JR-C-NEU.5FPK
1/6" to 1/32" reducing union
  (external to internal)
nanovolume union 150 µm JR-C-NERU1FPK


Nuts and ferrules

Description Tubing OD Product No.
One-piece nut/ferrule 1/32" one-piece nut-ferrule JR-C-NNFFPK
External nut 1/32" external nut JR-C-EN.5FPKB
1/16" external nut JR-EN1FPKB
Ferrule 1/32" collapsible ferrule JR-ZGF.5PK
1/16" collapsible ferrule JR-ZGF1PK


  • For 1/32" OD PEEK or FS tubing
  • Material: PEEK
  • Thread size:
    Nut/ferrule 6-40
    1/32" external nut 8-36
    1/16" external nut 10-32
  • Pressure rating:
    <350 bar (5,000 psi)
    (Varies with tubing material and ID)
  • Tolerances: ±0.05mm (.002")



Unions include:

  • 1/32" one-piece nut/ferrule
  • 1/32" external nut
  • 1/32" collapsible PEEK ferrule

Reducing unions include:

  • 1/16" external nut
  • 1/16" collapsible PEEK ferrule
  • 1/32" one-piece nut/ferrule