Nanovolume™ fittings

Nanovolume™ fittings have bore sizes of 100 or 150 µm (.004"-.006"). The minimal transfer volume contributed by Nanovolume™ components makes them especially beneficial in applications with flow rates in the µl/min range, when the transfer volume can be critical.

Nanovolume™ fittings for 360 micron OD tubing

Our newest high pressure fittings permit direct connection of 360 µm OD tubing – fused silica, PEEK, stainless, or electroformed nickel – without the use of liners.

360 micron fittings

Nanovolume™ fittings for 1/32" tubing

fittings for 1/32 inch tubing

Cheminert 1/32" Nanovolume™ fittings, with 100 µm or 150 µm bore, are ideal for high resolution capillary chromatography. Rated at 5000 psi with fingertight nuts, they will remain leak-tight well beyond the burst strength of most PEEK tubing.