Stainless Crosses

Valco stainless cross
  • Easy connection of solvent lines
  • Choice of three bores
  • Low dead volume
  • For 1/16" OD tubing

VICI Stainless steel crosses are for joining solvent lines. They are precision machined with a focus on the concentricity of the bore as well as on the finish of the surfaces to gave an absolute leak-free connection.

The crosses have internal threads, which we recommend for most applications. Internal threads make stronger connections and internal fitting details provide the lowest dead volume for high performance instrumentation.

Four nuts and ferrules ship with each tee.

Description Bore (mm) Qty/pkg Product No.
1/16" cross 0.25 1 JR-ZX1C
0.50 1 JR-ZX1M
0.75 1 JR-ZX1
Replacement nut 5 JR-ZN1-5
Replacement ferrule 5 JR-ZF1S6-5


  • For 1/16" OD tubing
  • Material:
    Body Type 316 SS
    Nuts Type 303 SS
    Ferrules Type 316 SS
  • Body size:
      23.4 mm diameter
      12.7 mm thick
  • Pressure rating:
    <1375 bar (20,000 psi)
    (Varies with tubing material and ID)