PEEK Loops for Rheodyne® valves

Rheodyne PEEK loops
  • Fits all Rheodyne metal and metal-free valves
  • Wide range of volumes available
  • Biocompatible
  • Made of premium grade PEEK tubing

VICI Jour PEEK sample loops are made from PEEK tubing and fittings. PEEK is a mechanically strong, chemically inert polymer ideal for HPLC applications. Since our PEEK sample loops contain no metals or other extractable compounds, no foreign materials will be introduced into the system. Softener-free polyethylene caps are used to avoid contamination of the tubing.

PEEK sample loops are particularly well suited for separations involving proteins, peptides, nucleic acids or other samples of biological origin as well as in IC systems where metal traces may interact with ionic samples or release transition metals that may deactivate ion exchange columns.

loop fittings

PEEK hex-head nuts and PEEK ferrules provide reliable connections, and avoid twisting of the tube.

Sample size Pressure * Product No.
1 µl 480 bar 7000 psi JR-SLR-2190
2 µl 460 bar 6700 psi JR-SLR-2191
3 µl 460 bar 6700 psi JR-SLR-2192
4 µl 460 bar 6700 psi JR-SLR-2193
5 µl 400 bar 5800 psi JR-SLR-2194
10 µl 400 bar 5800 psi JR-SLR-2196
20 µl 386 bar 5600 psi JR-SLR-2195
30 µl 386 bar 5600 psi JR-SLR-2200
40 µl 386 bar 5600 psi JR-SLR-2201
50 µl 350 bar 4500 psi JR-SLR-2202
100 µl 350 bar 4500 psi JR-SLR-2204
200 µl 240 bar 3500 psi JR-SLR-2206
250 µl 240 bar 3500 psi JR-SLR-2207
500 µl 240 bar 3500 psi JR-SLR-2210
1 ml 240 bar 3500 psi JR-SLR-2222

* Recommended maximum permanent working pressure.

Spare parts

Description Qty/pkg Product No.
PEEK nuts for use with double ferrules,
1/16" hex head long, 10-32
5 JR-5510-5
PEEK single ferrules, 1/16"
(Use 2 per nut. See illustration above.)
5 JR-5005-5


  • Materials:
    Loops PEEK
    Nuts PEEK
    Ferrules PEEK
    Caps Polyetheylene
  • Tolerances:
    ±0.025 mm (.001")



  • The tighter ID tolerance of the tubing minimizes the tolerance of the loop volume.