Exhaust Filter Lifetime

The lifetime of the filter depends on:

  • Composition of the mobile phase
  • Flow rate
  • Ambient temperature: a higher temperature leads to an increased vapor pressure of the volatile compound

The theoretical lifetime of an exhaust filter, depending on the flow rate, can be shown as:

lifetime chart

The excellent capacity of our new absorbent leads to longer lifetimes - up to 10 months for methanol and 8 months for acetonitrile.*

lifetime chart

*Based on results of our tests (water/organics = 50/50; flow rate 1.0 ml/min during the day, 0.5 ml/min overnight, 0.1 ml/min during weekends).



  • Disposal of the saturated filters must be done according to the local regulations for chemical waste.


  • Larger capacity = longer lifetime = lower costs
  • As a general rule, halving the flow rate doubles the lifetime at constant composition and temperature. Doubling the flow rate halves it.