VICI Caps – GL38 Threads

  • Fit all bottles or canisters with GL38/430 thread*
  • Prevent evaporation of volatile compounds
  • 2, 3, or 4 ports with 1/4-28 threads for 1/8" or 1/16" tubing
  • * See NOTES, right column

GL38 caps seal to the bottle with an O-ring (EPDM) which is resistant to commonly used HPLC solvents. If improved chemical resistance is required (e.g. for halogenated hydrocarbons), order an FEP-coated O-ring separately.

Color-coded PP sleeves fit on all ports on 2 and 3 port caps. With 4 port caps, the use of PP sleeves is limited to two sleeves per cap. (Four colors are included.)

GL38 VICI cap


  • 1 cap, GL38/430 thread *
  • 1 O-ring, EPDM
  • 1 set: 1/16" nut/ferrule/color-sleeve adapter
  • 1, 2, or 3 sets: 1/8" nut/ferrule/color-sleeve adapter
  • 1 adapter ring

A bottom-sealing barbed adapter to connect a 1/8" (3.2 mm) ID tubing can be ordered separately. Unused ports should be closed with 1/4-28 plugs.

VICI caps

No. of ports Product No.
2 JR-S-13001
3 JR-S-13002
4 JR-S-13003

Spare parts

Description Qty/pkg Product No.
FEP-coated O-ring, GL38 1 JR-S-40009
Adapter ring, PTFE, GL38 1 JR-S-40006
1/4-28 flangeless nuts, PPS For 1/16" OD tubing 10 JR-55070-10
For 1/8" OD tubing 10 JR-55071-10
Inverted ferrules, ETFE For 1/16" OD tubing 10 JR-041-10
For 1/8" OD tubing 10 JR-051-10
1/4-28 plug PEEK peek plug 1 JR-409
Polypropylene polypropylene plug 1 JR-201999
Barbed hose adapter,
  1/8" ID tubing
barbed adapter 1 JR-075013
Color-Sleeve adapters,
  12 colors (2 each)
Color Sleeve adapters 24 JR-5508X-24


  • Connections: 1/4-28
  • Materials:
    Closure Polypropylene
    Insert PTFE
    O-ring EPDM (alternative: FEP-coated)
    Adapter ring PA/PP
    Nuts PPS
    Ferrules ETFE
    Sleeves Polypropylene




  • *GL38 thread is available in different variations. Please check the inside diameter of the neck:
    • For 21-24 mm ID, use the GL38 cap as is, i.e. without adapter (e.g. Wheaton® bottles).
    • For 24-28 mm ID, use the adapter ring provided with the GL38 cap (e.g. Nalgene® bottles).
  • One port must be reserved for the exhaust filter or the air inlet valve.