PEEK Starter Kit

PEEK starter kit
  • All parts biocompatible
  • Ideal kit for all HPLC users
  • Includes fittings, ferrules, tubing, mobile phase filters, a union, and other useful tools and accessories

The PEEK starter kit is ideal for anyone working in the field of bio-chromatography. It consists of fittings, ferrules, tubing, and mobile phase filters, as well as a union, our Clean-Cut tubing cutter, and other useful accessories like our tubing elbows—all boxed together for a very competitive price!

For a number of interesting LC applications involving proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, or other samples of biological origin, metal systems may interact with samples or release transition metals that will deactivate columns. Replacing stainless steel parts (such as tubing fittings, ferrules, filters, etc.) with PEEK creates a biocompatible environment for samples and mobile phase.

Description Qty. Product No.
PEEK Starter Kit 1 JR-35P
 Includes: Fittings One-piece 10-32 fittings 10 JR-55020-10
Fingertight 10-32 nuts 10 JR-5580
Long hex-head 10-32 nuts 5 JR-5510
1/16" double ferrules 20 JR-5004
Union, 0.25 mm bore, body only 1 JR-061
Tubing 1/16" x 0.25 mm ID x 3 m,
  blue stripe
1 JR-T-6001-M3
1/16" x 0.50 mm ID x 3 m,
  orange stripe
1 JR-T-6002-M3
Filters In-line 1 JR-68256
PTFE Last Drop, 5 µm 1 JR-9000-0521
Accessories Tubing elbow, 90° 2 JR-357090
Tubing elbow, 180° 2 JR-357180
Tools Clean-Cut polymeric tubing cutter 1 JR-797
Tweezer 1 JR-806