Fused Silica Capillaries

fused silica capillaries

Our new FS capillaries are manufactured from fused silica coated with a layer of polyimide to make them more flexible and robust. These chemically inert capillaries, stable at temperatures up to 350°C, are suitable for Micro and Nano LC applications involving organic solvents and other fluids with pH ranging from 0 to 10.

360 micron fused silica capillaries

Sold by the meter

ID Product No.
25 µm JR-T-7360-025
50 µm JR-T-7360-050
75 µm JR-T-7360-075
100 µm JR-T-7360-100
150 µm JR-T-7360-150
180 µm JR-T-7360-180


  • Max. recommended working temp: 350°C