Tubing Accessories

Easy-Flange kit

Easy flange kit

Includes an Easy-flange flange-rolling tool, flanging discs in six sizes, a starter length of 1/16" PTFE tubing, and a carrying case.

Easy-Flange Combi Kit

Easy flange combi kit

In addition to the contents of the Easy-Flange kit, the combi kit includes 1/8" PTFE tubing and nuts/rings for tube end fittings.

PEEK tubing elbows

Tubing elbows (90° and 180°) are ideal for routing 1/16" PEEK tubing through an LC system.

tubing elbows

Tubing clip -
LC tubing organizer

The tubing clip hold 1/16" and 1/8" polymer tubing precisely where you want it.

LC tubing organizer