Easy-Flange Kit

Easy-Flange kit
  • Handy tool for perfect flanges
  • No heat or electricity required
  • No contamination

The Easy-Flange flange-rolling tool for flanged fittings is suitable for PTFE and PTFE-like tubes with OD between 1/16" and 1/8". The tool forms the flange by applying a mechanical force and does not require electrical power.

The quality of the flange is considerably improved over other available methods, since the tubing is not stressed by heat and because the specially-designed negative conical profile of the flange-forming part yields an ideal shape for optimized sealing properties.

Description Product No.
Easy-Flange Kit JR-201540
  Includes: Flanger and distance guage JR-201532
Handle JR-201540B
Flanging discs
0.5 mm SS pin for PEEK tubing JR-202235
0.8 mm polymer pin JR-201541
0.8 mm Titanium pin JR-201554
1.3 mm polymer pin JR-201536
1.3 mm Titanium pin JR-201537
Tubing, PTFE, 1/16" x 0.75 mm ID x 2 m JR-T-4036-M2
Clean-Cut tubing cutter JR-797
Plastic box JR-201540L

Additional options

Description Product No.
Flanging disc with 1.0 mm polymer pin JR-201662
Flanging clamp pair JR-201531