Impermeable Polymeric Tubing

impermeable polymeric tubing
  • FEP coated with PVDF
  • Prevents "re-gassing"
  • Excellent chemical resistance

PTFE and FEP have very good chemical resistance, but are too permeable to be suitable for mobile phase transfer lines. PVDF, on the other hand, lacks chemical resistance but is a very tight polymer with no observable micropores. Our impermeable tubing is produced by co-extruding PVDF over FEP to combine the best features of both polymers, ensuring that degassed solvent will stay degassed until it reaches the HPLC pump.

impermeable polymeric tubing

The PVDF layer can easily be stripped away with our Clean-Cut tubing cutter or a razor blade, leaving a length of exposed FEP to extend into the solvent reservoir.

When making connections, a special PCTFE tubing insert fits into the ID of the tubing and seals against the bottom of the port, preventing the solvent from contacting the PVDF layer at the end of the tube.

Description Qty/pkg Product No.
Impermeable tubing, 1/8"OD x 1.65 mm ID 3 m JR-T-6130-M3
10 m JR-T-6130-M10
Fitting kit, containing: PCTFE tubing inserts 2 JR-6140
1/8" PPS nuts 2
1/8" ETFE ferrules 2
Additional spare parts PCTFE tubing inserts 10 JR-6141-10
1/8" PPS nuts 10 JR-55071-10
1/8" ETFE ferrules 10 JR-051-10


  • Low pressure only
  • 1/8" OD, 1.65 mm ID
  • OD and ID tolerances:
    ±0.05 mm (.002")
  • Materials
    Tubing:FEP coated with PVDF




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  • Other package sizes and tubing lengths


  • Use FEP or PFA tubing inside the solvent reservoir, since PVDF has limited chemical resistance.
  • Always use the specially-designed tubing insert to prevent solvent contact with the PVDF layer.