Polymeric Tubing

polymeric tubing
  • For low- and mid-pressure applications
  • Biocompatible

ETFE tubing

ETFE tubing is particularly suitable for HPLC, since it has a higher burst pressure as compared to PTFE. 1/16" OD x 0.25 mm ID tubing will withstand up to 186 bar (2700 psi) with water as mobile phase.

FEP tubing

FEP is chemically inert to most HPLC solvents, and is especially recommended for ion chromatography applications.

PFA tubing

PFA has excellent chemical stability and mechanical strength. Use it instead of PTFE if gas permeability is an issue.

PP tubing

PP (polypropylene) tubing is particularly suitable for liquid handling in bio/medical applications using aqueous solutions.

PTFE tubing

PTFE is chemically inert and suitable for lower pressure applications. Available in natural and color-coded versions.

Impermeable tubing

FEP coated with PVDF combines the chemical resistance of FEP with the tight, impermeable structure of PVDF. Make sure that degassed solvents stay that way.

Thermo-formed tubing

We offer thermo-formed tubing in a variety of geometric shapes, per your specifications.



When selecting tubing for low pressure applications, give careful consideration to gas permeability characteristics.