Stainless Steel Tubing

Bulk SS tubing

Type 316 stainless in a variety of sizes for HPLC and GC applications, featuring a smooth internal surface, and a soft annealed OD for easy ferrule connection. The standard grade has a welded seam, while premium grade is seamless.

Pre-cut SS tubing

Our pre-cut Type 316 SS tubing is cut to square, burr-free ends and specially steam cleaned. 1/16" pre-cut tubing is available in lengths most commonly required in HPLC systems. Flexible pre-cut tubing is made of 1/32" premium grade stainless with laser-welded 1/16" ends. Both types have a dot of colored ink to identify the ID.

stainless steel tubing


We recommend pre-cut stainless steel tubing for zero dead volume connections.